Working from drawings and sketches in paint, ink or pencil in sketchbooks, I like to create imagery, manipulate it in PhotoShop, then transfer it on to a selection of surfaces, some of which have been raw materials, felt, old scraps of material, wood and often bird feathers, bones or stone.
Three dimensional pieces have been produced by casting from animal skulls in plaster or gum tape and then embellished with paint or found objects. Studies of the equine have been a strong element in my work for many years and I am often commissioned by horse owners to produce paintings or drawings.
Etching is a strong favourite of mine, having studied printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art for four years as well as painting and constructed textiles. I use these methods frequently and the Inverness Printmakers Workshop is a great facility for me.
Studio work is run alongside my career as an art/special needs teacher and I often use exemplars to inspire pupils of all ages.
I have worked as a classroom teacher of art and design and used my skills every day to inspire pupils. Presently I am teaching at several secondary schools and completed my MFA in Contextualised Fine Art Practice in August 2017. I undertook a series of sculptures for this so I would not say my work is restricted to just one form of media.
If you would like to contact Julie then please contact Jjuliewoo@aol.com or phone (0780 8737801).