I was fascinated by art as a child and spent my early creative years gaining good practical experience in the decorative art of porcelain painting.
My married life has been in Scotland where I studied for a degree in Art History. I was also able to study art and design and attend night classes at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen.
My degree ultimately led to teaching in Naples Italy where the ceramic and textile painting is so bold and colourful. My personal project, in Italy, was to find and paint some of the 500 species of wild flowers.
On returning to the Highlands I began to appreciate more of the delicate and strong but beautiful subtle earthy colours of the landscape where many wild flowers are found.
I frequently use watercolour for my flower paintings as it is a medium most suited to achieving a juxtaposition of delicate and bold.
I have sold work in galleries and exhibitions in Grampian region where I previously lived.